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Fire Education and Preparation

California is one of the most popular destinations in the United States. Known for its year-round sunshine and sandy beaches, California seems to be the perfect place to live and vacation. Despite the appeal, California faces many crises, including a desperate need for rain and water.

Over the past few years, California has seen record temperatures. The summers have become increasingly hot with each year, and the wildfires have followed suit. In the past, Native American’s used fire to control dry conditions and promote healthy environments. However, with a population of over 39 million, burning large areas to control future fires may not be as feasible a plan for California as it once was. As climate change continues to grip our society and California’s population continues to grow, the state must find alternative solutions to control its untenable wildfires.

While you may not have the ability to effect immediate change to help control the outbreaks of wildfires at the state level, you can protect your household from fire danger. Making sure that all of your fire equipment is up to date is important. Ensure that your smoke detectors are in working conditions, that your water heater is not defective, and that all electrical wiring is in safe, working condition. If you live in a two-story house, it is also wise to have a fire ladder. Additionally, volunteering with fire prevention programs can help decrease the outbreak of fires in your community.

Obtaining fire coverage in your homeowner insurance plan is also vital to cover any losses caused by a fire. When choosing fire coverage with your insurance, it is important to shop around to find insurance that meets your specific needs. If you live in a high-risk area, California offers a FAIR Plan for property insurance; however, the plan “does not estimate the fair market value of your property, the cost to rebuild your property, or the cost of labor and materials in your (or any other) area, or determine the appropriateness of the coverage you request.[i]” Due to these uncertainties, the FAIR Plan should probably be used in the event that no other insurance company elects to offer coverage to your home.

Many elements can spark a fire, but if you take advantage of your resources you can help with prevention and preparation. If you have any questions regarding fire insurance, the attorneys at Acclaim Law Group will help address your questions. Please call (858) 252-0781 to set up a free consultation.

Disclaimer: While we always seek to establish accuracy when publishing articles, this piece is not intended to provide legal advice and should not be used as such. Each individual case will differ and should be discussed with an attorney or legal expert. If you would like to inquire about pursuing a claim, please contact a personal injury lawyer San Diego at (858) 252-0781 or email

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