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Pictures Might be Your Best Evidence in an Injury Claim

When it comes to proving your personal injury and/or car accident case in a San Diego court, the first thing to come to mind may be getting on the phone with a San Diego car accident attorney. However, the first thing on your checklist, as soon as the accident happens (when you are able to, of course), should be to get as many detailed pictures of the accident, as well as the resulting damage to your vehicle and injury to yourself. Let’s take a look at 3 examples in which thoroughly photographing the event would greatly help in court.

Let’s imagine you were dealing with a drunk driver who got into the wrong lane during his ill-advised inebriated Sunday drive. He hits you head on, causing you to sustain a head  injury. Your airbag activates, but it isn’t enough to stop the sheer shock and potential brain injury as a result of the immense force of two speeding vehicles colliding. Assuming you’re still cognizant, you should take as many pictures as you can to send to your San Diego car accident attorney, thoroughly documenting the injury and accident.

Even if it doesn’t ostensibly result in any significant damage to your vehicle or person, obtaining photographic evidence of the event can still be beneficial. Let’s look at our next example, a case that one might ultimately take to a personal injury attorney La Mesa or in San Marcos, California. You happen to be taking a walk down the street and get checked by a passing sprinter. This causes you to take a tumble and break your leg. Your first instinct should be to take out your camera and take a picture of the runner who tagged you and of the way in which your leg is bent, as well as any scrapes or bruises. You may also be able to record an admission of guilt from the responsible party. Doing this can make it easier for your personal injury attorney La Mesa or San Marcos, California to build a strong case.

Finally, even if outward signs of injury aren’t immediately apparent to you, a picture of the area in which you were impacted could prove vital. Your personal injury lawyer San Marcos or La Mesa, for example, could use the testimony of a medical professional to identify small signs of permanent or irreversible damage to the court. Small signs of injury  may still show up in the photograph which the layperson would never be able to discern.

In summary, pictures are always valuable evidence in court, and while your first thought may be to contact a personal injury lawyer San Marcos or a San Diego car accident attorney, the preparation work for the case on your end in taking pictures of the accident and injury can be the difference between walking out of court broke and broken or setting foot on the financial road to recovery. If you have been injured in an accident, feel free contact the Acclaim Law Group to start building your case.

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