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San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Explains How to Use Cruise Control Safely

San Diegans spend a lot of time on the road and the technology behind cruise control can help reduce driver fatigue during long commutes and can contribute to fuel efficiency. However, as San Diego personal injury attorney Brett Geruntino, Esq. is quick to point out, an accident while using cruise control improperly could leave you, or another driver at fault. Below are some important tips for using cruise control safely.

One of the best ways to use control safely is to keep your foot near the break. Cruise control is a nice way to make driving a little easier, but it does not mean you can completely relax. It is vital to stay engaged with your surroundings, including being prepared to break or decelerate when necessary. Although it is safe to take your foot away from the gas to accelerate, you must keep it near the break in case of emergencies or the unexpected.

Using cruise control at the appropriate time is also key to staying safe. The technology is meant to be used on highways and long stretches of straight road rather than on curvy roads and city streets. Additionally, weather is a factor. Inclement weather, including snow, rain, and hail storms are not appropriate times to use cruise control.

Of course, keeping your eyes on the road is vital at all times. A personal injury attorney in the La Mesa area notes that cruise control tends to occasionally lull motorists into a state of relaxation where they cease paying appropriate attention to their driving. Losing focus on the road can lead to accidents. Similarly, it is important to stay within the speed limit. Even on some highways, speed limits can change suddenly and if you are set on cruise control above the speed limit it could lead to unsafe driving and a ticket or accident.

It is important to to stay safe when you are on the road. If you are in an accident, be sure to get an expert personal injury lawyer in San Marcos on your side. To find out more information about cruise control or other potential risks while driving, or to get answers to any other questions and set up a free consultation, call American Bar Association member Brett Geruntino, Esq. at Acclaim Law Group at (858)252-0781.

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