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San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Identify Signs of a Concussion after a Car Accident

Anytime you are in a car accident it’s a good idea to get in touch with a San Diego personal injury lawyer. Even if you believe you weren’t seriously injured during the accident, you could still have injuries that didn’t immediately present themselves. One such injury is a concussion.

Many people know to contact a personal injury attorney in San Diego if they suffered whiplash in a car crash, but a concussion is just as serious, if not more so. A concussion can occur when your head is hit by an object or when your head is suddenly jolted and your brain bangs up against the inside of the skull.

While some signs of a concussion are immediately obvious, like vomiting and a general feeling of nausea, others might not be evident for a few days after the accident. These more subtle symptoms include: a headache, slurred speech, dizziness, fatigue, a ringing in the ears, and sensitivity to light. Additionally, people suffering from a concussion can experience changes in their personality, trouble sleeping, and confusion. In cases of a severe concussion, you might even experience seizures.

It’s important to note that if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms after a car accident it is vital to seek medical attention. Concussions are serious injuries and can lead to greater problems down the road. It is in your best interest to seek medical attention and contact a car accident lawyer in San Diego before speaking with any insurance adjuster about your auto-accident. This will ensure that you are in line to get the care that you need and that you receive a proper settlement offer. 

Being injured in a car accident can have a massive effect on your life in, so be sure to get an expert San Diego personal injury lawyer on your side. To find out more information about concussions or other injuries that you may have suffered from due to an accident, or to get answers to any other questions and set up a free consultation, call Brett Geruntino, Esq. at Acclaim Law Group at (858)252-0781.

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