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STOP! Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney before an Insurance Adjuster.

At the time of an auto accident, one can find themselves in shock and may become overwhelmed with all the things to follow. Search for a personal injury attorney in your area and find the help you need. There are many benefits to hiring a personal injury attorney before discussing your injuries with an insurance adjuster. A couple benefits are as follows:

  • your attorney is familiar with the insurance law, such as statute of limitations, your auto policy coverage, and representation in court if necessary.

  • Insurance adjusters can only communicate with your attorney.

  • your attorney will inform you about the process.

  • hiring an attorney will reduce your stress.

The attorneys at Acclaim Law Group have experience dealing with personal injury claims and property damage claims. Acclaim Law Group offers free consultations and will guide you through the process. Simply call (858) 560-0781 or go to for more details.

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