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Travel and Holiday Accident Claims

The holiday season is upon us, so it’s time to prepare your suitcases and brace yourself for a possible long road trip. While most people enjoys the holidays, others find them to be stressful. Then there are people who have their holidays ruined due to an avoidable accident that caused severe injuries or worse.

Read on to learn what to do when you’re in a car accident and what to do if you need a personal injury lawyer san marcos!

How To Stay Safe On The Road

Depending on who you ask, traveling during the holidays can good or bad. While most people will never need a personal injury lawyer san marcos, there may be times when it’s unavoidable. For example, if someone causes and accident in which you sustain injury, you need the expert advice of a personal injury attorney la mesa.

Collecting the money you need to pay medical bills or repair your car can be overwhelming, if not futile. Save yourself and your San Diego personal injury lawyer the hassle of filing a claim by following these tips:

  • Don’t ever drive under the influence

  • Refrain from driving in the evening where drunk drivers are more common

  • Keep an eye out for any unusual driving

  • If you do end up drinking, call a taxi or a car sharing service like Uber

  • Make sure to always buckle the seat belt

Staying safe and not having to call a personal injury attorney la mesa will be much easier if you follow these steps.

Police Are Enforcing New Laws

With the upcoming holiday season, there is going to be an overwhelming amount of drivers on the road. During the year 2016, research has shown that there were approximately 8,600 accidents along with 79 deaths within the time of Thanksgiving to New Years. Within that number of accidents, over 1,000 accidents and at least 25 deaths were due to drunk or drugged driving.

Because of this, police have stepped up enforcement with seat belts and have become more alert to drunk driving by increasing traffic patrols.

How an Attorney Can Help You

In the event of an accident, contacting a personal injury lawyer san macros is going to help you tremendously. If you are injured, these lawyers will instruct you on various things.

These instructions include:

  1. Do not, by any circumstance, sign a document that is connected to your case without contacting your lawyer.

  2. Make sure to send your attorney all copies of your bills that are related to your case, even if the insurance company you’re associated with.

  3. When you’re discharged by your doctor, contact the lawyer immediately and let them know you’re returning to work.

  4. Don’t change doctors without receiving approval from the lawyer.

  5. Immediately notify your attorney if you changed address or phone numbers.

Breaking one or more of these instructions can jeopardize your case, so be sure to take precautions.

Not even your San Diego personal injury lawyer wants to settle a personal injury claim during the holiday. Everyone wants to take this time to relax and enjoy their holiday without having to worry about car accidents.

Remember to be mindful and use the tips we provided as a source for help as you drive. Not only will you save your life, but you will also save others as well!

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