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What to do on Playground and School Injuries

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Your day started out like any other day; peaceful, with no worries. Your child either went to school or went with the babysitter to a local playground. Then, your day went sour when you received a phone call and the person on the other end of the phone said, “Your child has been rushed to the emergency room.”

Playgrounds, whether at school or at a local playground, are supposed to be fun and safe places for children. Unfortunately, these outdoor places where children play are also locations where injuries (sometimes serious or fatal) occur. Annually, over 220,000 little ones in the U.S., age 14 and younger, visit the hospital for playground-related injuries.

Safety should be of the utmost importance when designing playgrounds. If safety is a low priority, there might be liability issues to look at. So many injuries and fatalities could be avoided if these recreational areas were designed with children and safety in mind. Your San Diego personal injury lawyer understands the laws and manufacturing regulations regarding personal injuries involving playground equipment and accidents.

Most of these types of injuries are not serious and do not necessitate further medical attention. But, an estimation of children being injured (serious injuries) at school and needing further medical care was at 10% just a few years ago. In such situations, a parent gets a phone call and is told that his or her child needs more doctor visits.

Many playground injuries happen while children are at school, either during recess or during gym class. Not only playground equipment has been the reason for such injuries; supervision (or lack of proper supervision) issues have come into play as well.

Duty of Care

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a set of important guidelines for playground safety. The number one guideline on the list is: “Supervisors must provide the highest duty of care (or Duty of Due Care) to prevent unreasonable risk of injury” ( (2018)).

Sadly, no amount of legal counsel can take you and your child back in time and give your child his or her healthy, happy life back. We cannot go to the past or to the future. But, we (personal injury attorney San Diego) take every measure possible to guarantee that you and your child (and your family) can heal (emotionally, physically and financially) and come out on top again.

First, liability needs to be determined, and if there was negligence that contributed to your child’s playground injuries. Then, our firm works diligently to get you and your family the compensation you need and deserve. The following are some of the well-known awarded damages courts could approve:

  • Emergency room visit costs

  • Ambulance costs

  • Doctor’s costs

  • Medication costs

  • Physician follow-up treatment

  • Physical therapy visits

  • Pain and suffering

  • Emotional trauma

  • Other necessary medical care your child needed (or still needs)

If your little one has suffered a personal injury, like a head or brain injury, fractured bones, or other severe physical/mental conditions related to a playground accident, contact our firm for a consultation with a San Diego personal injury lawyer.

Any personal injury case can be complex. Never attempt to file a lawsuit without professional assistance. Always call Brett Geruntino, Esq. @ Acclaim Law Group car accident lawyer San Diego.

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