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Why Do You Need a San Diego Car Accident Attorney?

Many auto accident victims think the process for collecting damages from a respondent insurance following a mishap is simple, but those who have been involved in accidents before often know better. All insurance companies are looking for a method of reducing claims they cannot deny, and one of the best methods is convincing an injured claimant that they do not need an attorney. Why? The reason is actually very simple. Most studies have shown that auto accident victims can receive up to three times the amount of compensation for injuries when they have an attorney than those who attempt handling the claim themselves. The expense of retaining an attorney can be small compared to a whole settlement for damages because attorneys understand how to negotiate for proper compensation regarding pain-and-suffering and other long-term problems stemming from injuries. This could well be more important in a state like California with a high cost of living, and having an experienced San Diego car accident attorney can be the difference between whole damage collection and minimal damages the company wants to pay.

What a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do

Reconstructing an auto accident can be a difficult task for law enforcement officials, not to mention the fact that official man-hours to devote in a particular accident can be low. Accidents get investigated, but often the results can be contested when a San Diego personal injury lawyer can conduct an independent investigation into what actually transpired. Information found by a San Diego car accident lawyer can greatly enhance the final settlement for an injured client when they can prove their client was not as responsible for the crash as the accident report claims. A San Diego car accident lawyer can also question law enforcement specialists on the material case facts, including cross-examination in a hearing if necessary.

Contesting Comparative Negligence Claims

California uses pure comparative negligence law that allows drivers who were responsible for an accident to still receive insurance benefits as long as they are not 100% at fault for causing a crash. This is a very important legal stipulation, and insurance company representatives know it. The more negligence they can deflect from their client onto the injured claimant, the less they will be required by the court to pay out in damages. Insurance company adjusters commonly use comparative negligence claims as a method of overall defense against all claims, but your car accident lawyer in San Diego can craft a solid case on your behalf stressing accurate evaluation of driver negligence.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer San Diego

Never attempt handling an accident injury claim personally. Always retain a San Diego car accident attorney who will fight for your rights to full compensation. For more information contact Acclaim Law Group and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about a car accident attorney in San Diego.

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