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Gaps in Treatment

If you have been injured in a car accident, seeking immediate treatment is important to both your physical health and providing proof of your injuries. However, not everyone seeks immediate treatment or treats consistently for their injuries even though they are experiencing pain. This pause in treatment can be due to many logical reasons, such as time, money, or other health issues. Many times, the auto insurance companies do not want to accept these reasonable breaks in treatment. These insurance companies often qualify the lack of care as “gaps in treatment,” and they can undermine your claim for damages. Their position is, “how hurt can someone be if they do not seek treatment.”

We all live busy lives, and our schedules can make it difficult to keep up with treatment. In some cases, you may be forced to take time off work or schedule appointments in between lunch breaks. You may have previously planned vacations and or other commitments that you wish not to cancel. Sometimes it just seems easier to take a couple Tylenol and hope the pain goes away.

One of the most common reason people fail to seek the proper treatment is cost. Having access to health insurance or affordable health care can be difficult, and many policies can have high deductibles. However, having breaks in treatment can influence how the insurance company views your injury case. It is important to consult with a personal injury attorney, that can aid you in finding the medical care you need at little to no cost to you up front. Call a San Diego injury attorney like Acclaim Law Group to see how they can help.

Disclaimer: While we always seek to establish accuracy when publishing articles, this piece is not intended to provide legal advice, and should not be used as such. Each individual case will differ and should be discussed with an attorney or legal expert. If you would like to inquire about pursuing a claim, please contact us at (858) 560-0781 or email

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